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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pelancong Amerika Kagum Dengan Bank di Malaysia

Seorang pelancong dari Amerika Syarikat melahirkan rasa kesal terhadap perkhidmatan perbankan ATM CIMB di Malaysia. Dia telah cuba mengeluarkan RM1,500 di sebuah mesin ATM di Kuala Lumpur tetapi hanya menerima resit mesin ATM kehabisan wang. Apabila diperiksa RM1,500 telah pun ditolak dari akaunnya. Apabila menghubungi pegawai bank, dia diberitahu siasatan akan mengambil masa 2 minggu ke satu bulan.

Itu pelancong Amerika yang melawat Malaysia, bagaimana rakyat Malaysia yang mengalami nasib serupa sebelum ini ?
An American in ATM agony
Monday, November 14th, 2011  
JOHN UDOVICH, a US national visiting Malaysia, has had a frustrating time here trying to withdraw money with a local bank's automated teller machines (ATM). He says he tried to take out RM1,500 from his US bank account using a CIMB Bank ATM at a shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, about 9pm on Oct 17. 
"Instead of getting the money, I was issued a receipt saying the ATM was unable to dispense cash. I checked with another ATM from the bank and it appeared the money was already debited. This was confirmed when I logged into my bank account online later that night." UDOVICH says he was told at the bank's branch office it would take two weeks to a month to investigate and rectify the matter. 
"I have already been charged about one per cent-plus in fees and I was told these fees are accessed at my bank in the US end." He says as he is leaving for Thailand soon, such a thing is very inconvenient to tourists and visitors to Malaysia. "I need to wait 24 hours to withdraw cash from my account as I am at the US$500 a day limit, thanks to the failed transaction. 
"I also need to follow up with CIMB Bank and my bank in the US a few times regarding getting my money back, and it is not clear how I will be reimbursed or how long it will take." UDOVICH says the ATM did not indicate to him there was no cash in it, yet it debited his foreign bank account. 
"I don't see why it needs to take two weeks to one month to sort this matter out as the ATM records everything and the fault is with the CIMB Bank's ATM at this end and not with my bank or the interbank." 

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